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At Reading Room Design we create clean, intelligent graphic design solutions that help our clients communicate visually. We build slick, responsive websites that look great and get you noticed online. We establish brands and help them reach out to their customers through well-planned social media campaigns. And we make sure all these bits and pieces fit together visually and thematically to give you the best chance of making a good impression with your customers.

Studies suggest that people remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, but a staggering 80% of what they see and do. Or to put it another way: the way things look is important. Or to put that another way: good graphic design can make a really big difference.

Research is at the heart of everything we do. The first stage when taking on a new brief is to get to know you, the client, to get under the skin of the product or service you’re promoting, the medium you’ll be communicating in and the people you want to reach.

Armed with this knowledge, we hone in on the perfect solution to communicate your message, drawing on our love of modernist design principles and the science of visual perception.

We augment all this with creativity and taste, to arrive at design solutions that look great, helping you to stand out from the crowd and communicate effectively.

Client: Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scotland
Project: The Scottish Game Fair, Scone Palace
Role: Programme editor and designer, 2012 ~

Client: National Trust / Kotki Dwa
Project: Album artwork
Role: Photography and art direction

Clients: Albion Gate Property, British Brands Group, Montresor Legal, Montes & Clark, Blokman, Champagne de Bleuchamp
Project: Website design and build

Client: British Brands Group
Role: Design and copywriting for all external communications, 2014 ~

Project: Branding and print design

Client: Diane Norman
Project: Ikebana print design

Client: OQ Contemporary Art
Project: Barclays Capital Private Wealth Management gallery evening
Role: Branding and print design
Details: Screenprinted on 540gsm Colorplan

Client: Blokman
Project: Branding and print design

Client: Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, Scotland
Project: The Scottish Auction catalogue editing and design, 2013 ~